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Expansion of the range – peat pots


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1.​ 1.It is believed that the plants cannot be grown on the peat. May they parish?

Indeed, the high-moor peat is of little use without preliminary preparation for growing of most plants, because it is highly acidic (рН < 4) and has a little amount of nutrients. However, it has unique properties- high water retaining capacity and high aero-capacity, that is very important for normal growth and development of plants’ root system.

The high-moor peat may be used for growing plants after adding lime materials (dolomite flour, chalk and etc) and mineral fertilizers.

2.Why does the peat package indicate the capacity rather than mass? How can we calculate the amount of required ground?

On the package of our ground it is specified the product capacity and mass under the natural humidity conditions. In world practice, the peat is generally measured in terms of volume (liters), rather than mass (kg). This is due to the fact that the volume of the peat is more stable value than the mass which is very dependent on the ever-changing humidity. The need for peat soils is calculated in volume units (liters). As a rule, for protected ground it is ordered the volume of peat 10 % more than calculated volume (given that containers used for seeding or planting, the peat is slightly thickened). Consumption of peat when using on the unprotected (open) ground is equal to10 to 50 liters per 1 sq. m. It will be recalled that 1000 l = 1 cubic meter of peat.

3.Why does the pile package indicate the volume of 150 or 250 liters, while the size of the package is twice as little?

During the production we form the piles by special peat compression method reducing the volume twice as little than original volume. It helps customers to significantly reduce transportation and storage costs. To restore the volume of the peat it is necessary to fluff it properly: it is required to screen it (with cells approximately of 2 cm х 2 cm). After this procedure the volume of peat ground will be restored to the initial value– 150 or 250 l.

4.​How can we buy your products? Do you work with individuals?

We cooperate both with companies and individuals.

To order our products please read the information on the web-site and in price-list, determine which range of products is suitable for you, the name, package, quantity. If necessary, consult with our manager.

Having defined the range you can:

For customers from Moscow and Moscow Region:

• Self-pick up the product from the warehouse, located at: Krasnaya Sosna Str. 24, upon preliminary agreement of the date and time of the visit with your manager.

• If you need the peat in the amount of more than two pallets (the amount of soil on the pallet you may find in the price-list), you may order the product delivery to your address . Cost, data and time of delivery shall be determined individually, depending on the distance from Moscow Ring Road.

• You may pay for product against invoice in branches of the bank or pay in the pay office of the Enterprise located at: Krasnaya Sosna Str. 24.

All products are shipped from a warehouse if prepaid or upon payment after delivery.

For regional customers:

Shipments are made from the warehouse of production complex in Zaplyusie village, Pskov Region.

Products are shipped both by road and by rail transport – container 20; 40t, covered wagon.

Conditions and terms of payment and other questions you may coordinate with your manager

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